Who is Marisa Laren?

When you say the word “tattoo”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Large muscular men, members of a bona fide rock band or just simply guys who wants to express themselves in an artistic way. We might admit it or not, but tattoo is really associated in a man’s world. But not for this chick.

Who is Marisa Laren?

Who is Marisa Laren?

Marisa’s tattoo career starts when she was 21 years old. Her love for metal and hardcore music was the main reason why she got in the world of tattoo. For her, tattooing is an art form that provide her an endless possibilities of expressing oneself.

Marisa Laren was recognized during her stint in Spike TV series “Ink Master” season 6. Being the least experienced contestant in the show, she proved that her raw talent and perseverance can make it up for her lack of experience in the industry.

Major Influences

Marisa loves tattoos that are inspired by horror or death. She looks up to several great tattoo artists such as Johanne Finné, Jeff Gouge, Nikko Hurtado and Emily Rose Murray.

Marisa Laren 1st phorm athlete

Aside from being a tattoo artist, she’s also known as a bodybuilder. Growing up, she’s playing a lot of different sports such as softball, golf and she’s an avid snowboarder. Being recognized as an inspiration to all women who wants to express themselves thru body art and fitness competition, she is a brand ambassador of Phormula 1. Click here to learn more about Marisa.

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