SARMs: What You Need To Know About Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators

Chances are you landed on this page because you wanted to know what SARMs are, how they work, if they are safe, I must congratulate you because you’re in the right place!

Have you been spending a token on workout supplements but still feel it’s not enough? It always seems to you as if the needle isn’t moving as fast as you want.

Perhaps you have once thought about shifting your attention to steroids. You’re probably aware of the fact that they work and their side effects but you don’t seem ready to take the plunge. Eventually, you discovered SARMs by accident, and you are now like I need this as quick as possible.

The questions you might want to ask are:

Are they really the best bodybuilding supplements you need? Will they do that wonder of helping you build muscle and lose fat almost as effectively as steroids will do and without any side effects?

Well, in this article, you’re going to get answers to all those questions. And, we will look at what SARMs are, how they work, if they are safe and much more.

What Are SARMs and How Do They Work?

SARMs is an acronym for selective androgen receptor modulator, and it’s a type of drug similar chemically to anabolic steroids. There are a few SARMs out there in the market and some are stronger with a higher risk of side-effects than others.

Below are the most popular ones in the market:

  • LGD-4033 (known as Ligandrol)
  • MK-2866 or GTx-024 (known as Ostarine)
  • GSX-007 or S-4 (known as Andarine)
  • LGD-3303
  • GW-501516 (known as Cardarine)

To help you have a better grasp of how SARMs work, we shall begin by first looking at the physiology of hormones.

Hormones simply refer to the chemical messengers used by the body in communicating with cells. They can be likened to an outgoing email containing vital instructions, and when they get to the cells’ “mailboxes”–which is hormone receptor –they execute the commands.

Androgens are hormones which help in the production of masculinity (facial hair, lower body fat levels, deeper voice, more muscle and, etc).A good and popular example of androgen is testosterone though it’s not the only example.

Three basic ways by which androgens exert their effects in the body are as follows:

  • Connecting With Your Cells’ Androgen Receptors
  • Conversion into the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This again binds to androgen receptors.
  • Conversion into the hormone estradiol (estrogen) and this binds to a different type of receptor on cells known as estrogen receptor. Your body, under normal condition, should be able to control androgen production using the sensitive feedback mechanism to forestall imbalances.

All available receptors in the body become saturated when anabolic steroids are introduced into the body, leaving your cells congested by androgens.

Once this happens, a very powerful message is transmitted to all cells in the body listening, including muscle cells, which responds to it almost immediately.

What do you think? Sounds like great times to you the weightlifters, right? Well, that is not without some liabilities.

Although research shows that some of the side effects of steroid are irreversible some reversible ones include acne, testicular atrophy (shrinking), oily hair, cysts, skin, increased aggression, elevated blood pressure and lowered sperm count.

And the Irreversible ones include heart dysfunction, male-pattern baldness, liver disease, and gynecomastia.

Should you take SARMs?

Taking SARMs is not bad. SARMsis very useful in helping muscle cells to grow without all the noise and bugs known with anabolic steroids.

Do These Drugs Work Well?

Going by research, SARMs aren’t as effective for muscle building as traditional steroids, however, they’re certainly far powerful when compared with taking anything natural such as creatine. Also, SARMs remain the best and popular drugs among athletes and this is so owing to their being hard to detect in drug testing.

Are SARMs Safe?

This might be very hard to say considering the fact that Nonsteroidal SARMs have only been around for two decades and, unfortunately, they to undergo any human research. Based on this fact, there is little to nothing on how they work and their potential long-term side effects all which call for serious or legitimate concern.

My Final Take On SARMs

Although SARMs aren’t as powerful as steroids, they certainly help in muscle growth far better than any other natural supplements out there. More so, they seem to be safer though this is not to be taken as meaning they are safe to use. Additionally, research clearly indicates they can reduce natural testosterone production; unfortunately, they can also increase the risk of cancer. Bottom line, if you ask for my sincere recommendation I would say: Run from SARMs. In my opinion, I think the risks involved is by far higher than the benefits.

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